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Live streaming / Live webcast

Live webcast is a media file distributed over the internet using streaming media technology.
We provide webcasting services for functions like marriage ceremonies,funeral services and public events & festivals

Colleges and Schools Events

We do live webcasting for india’s top level colleges and schools regularly during their graduation day,
annual day, cultural events etc.At livewebcasting we supports online training.

Corporate events

Happily serving MNC’s and SME’s to broadcast their events like town hall meetings, corporate events,
Annual events, product launch etc to all their employees spread around the world.

Video On Demand

Video On Demand (VOD) brings forth all your videos which is broadcasted live,to watch at your convenience at anytime and anywhere,
just like live streaming, watch it on any internet obtainable devices.

Delayed Webcasting

We give our best live telecast with signal boosters added on,when any inconvenience like micro delay caused due to poor signals.
But when we face a dead zone i.e complete signal cut, we give it out as delayed webcast, were there will be only an hour time space from the time of broadcast.


AMEN Digitals manages a group of fine art photographers who captures your memorable memories without losing its life.

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Address : AMEN TV Pathanapuram,Kollam, Kerala, India- 689695

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